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Read what satisfied customers have to say about the repair services performed by Certified Hail Specialist. We provide high-quality work and it shows with our long list of happy customers!

"We were very happy with the work that Paul has done for us. He was a very pleasant guy to deal with. He worked fast, hard, and very sufficient. He helped out our technicians with headliners, and determining the cars in getting them ready for him to work on. He was very fair with pricing on the vehicles and honest. He didn't lie and tell you he could get out a dent, then work on it, and not be able to. He told the truth and that is what is important. What he said he could fix he did fix and made it look like new."
- Daniel S., Butlers Collision

"On March 26, 2011, we had our first hail storm in 64 years of business! In the days that followed, we had a total of 12 different hail repair companies come by and offer their services. We were in unchartered water! Paul Buffa, with Certified Hail Specialist, took the time to explain to us how he could help us! He waited for a week until the insurance adjusters could get here. He worked with the adjusters while they estimated the damage on each of our 80 cars in inventory! He then waited another week before we were able to get the all clear and start repairing them! Paul was on the job every morning at 7:30 a.m. Watching him work was amazing! After the first day we knew we had chosen the right company for the job. Paul takes great pride in what he does, once he was finished with a vehicle he would walk around it at least twice, checking behind himself! I hope and pray that we never get another hail storm, but if we do the ONLY call I will make is to Mr. Paul Buffa." 
- Ernest Crump Motor Company, Jasper, AL

"In the summer of 1998, we received the largest hail storm that I remember in my entire life. It even broke out windows in houses! The storm caught my wife's Beretta outside with no shelter. I did not have any 'comp' insurance on it at that time. I called Paul to see if he could save the car. Paul, and his team worked quickly, and very reasonably to make my wife's 'pride and joy' look like new again. Thanks, Paul." 
- Bill C., Marion, IA

"It was a stunning 80 degree day in Buffalo, NY. That in itself is an odd occurrence around here. Then it happened—golf ball sized hail was all over. We knew that we would get some business out of this storm. Never did I think we would get as much as we did, we were insane trying to keep up with estimates alone and booking over 200 repairs for each of the next four months. My local PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) man could not handle what was on our calendar. I then met Paul Buffa. Paul and his team were able to clear my calendar and welcome additional cars in for repair, his quality was outstanding. This was obviously one of my best years." 
- Ray, Carubba Collision, Buffalo, NY

"Paul did a great job on my van he worked with me when no one else would. I would recommend him anytime." 
- Scottsbluff, NE
Man With Black Car

"I took my truck to Paul at Certified Hail Specialist when other companies said it couldn't be done. Paul had my truck for two days and when I picked it up I was amazed that I couldn't tell it was ever hit with hail. If it ever hails here again, I would wait for Certified Hail Specialist to repair my truck." 
- John J., Scottsbluff, NE

"I had my Honda™ Pilot fixed at Certified Hail Specialist. My hood was totaled by hail and roof was also totaled and the driver's side was also very dented. Paul treated us with respect. His service was excellent and we received our car back in two days. We would recommend him to anyone who has hail damage."
- Robert S., Bozeman, MT
Man With Red Car

"I really appreciate an honest person! Paul is honest and upfront about whether or not a dent is removable. Altho he is a hail specialist, door dings and other dents not from hail are repairable too. Thank you for helping us out today Paul.
He is defiantly a specialist at paintless dent repair!"
 - Becky at Mcardle Midland